Autosoft India Pvt Ltd.

Autosoft India Pvt Ltd.

About Autosoft India

Autosoft India is a global IT services company specialized in engineering design services and IT services. We service to customers across Japan and India. We offer offshore-based multi-discipline CAD/CAM/CAE Mechanical Design, Engineering and Analysis Services Teams. We focus on enhancing our client’s product engineering efficiency. Our engineering team seamlessly integrates into our client’s in house engineering development team and environment to help improve their productivity, resource management and competitiveness.

We have strong engineering background, expertise and understanding of the engineering product life cycle in our focus verticals, robust quality processes and core competencies in CAD/CAM/CAE. Our consistent attention to the key deliverables of client satisfaction, timeliness, accuracy and a clear perspective of nurturing long term relationship have ensured that we satisfy our client.

We hire the best engineering talent in the country. Our engineering talent pool has a good combination of engineers with significant experience in Product Design, Re-engineering, Reverse Engineering, Prototyping, Part/Assembly Modeling, and Detailing/Drafting, Stress Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Crash and Impact analysis, Fatigue and durability analysis and well experienced in working on international client projects.

We have design expertise in all major CAD/CAE systems. Our product domain expertise encompasses Automotive, Industrial Machinery and Consumer Appliance industries. With the right mix of creative talent, use of innovative technology, Autosoft India help customers enhance process quality and flexibility, minimize development time and reduce costs, optimize workflow and provide you with an unbeatable edge to succeed in today’s demanding work place and global market.

With thousands of hours of project exposure, AutoSoft India, felt that it should offer quality CAD/CAM/CAE training to engineers, to part the knowledge it acquired. The course includes training engineers on real time projects and guest lectures from our clients.

The long associations with Japanese automotive majors made us understand the huge demand; the Japanese market has for Indian engineers. This made, AutoSoft India provide Japanese language education & Culture, for select engineers, to meet Japanese market requirements.